Former New York Football Giants Co-Captain George Martin is one of the most accomplished professional athletes, humanitarians, corporate executives and philanthropists of our generation Ed Mullins,
President NYPD Sergeants

A Journey for 9/11

A trek covering 3,003 miles from New York City to San Diego raising several million dollars to benefit seriously ill heroic Ground Zero worker.


An NFL Legend and a true leader on the field and off, George Martin’s relentless positive energy and ability to inspire knows no bounds.


An inspiring book about one man's coast-to-coast walk in support of our nation’s First Responders and the events driving his life and NFL career.


Honored by the tributes bestowed upon him, George is the recipient of many awards, designations and other forms of recognition.


About George Martin’s "a Journey for 9/11"

By any standard, George Martin’s Journey was a remarkable feat. The attention he brought to the plight of thousands of ailing rescue and recovery workers of Ground Zero was surely instrumental in the passage of the James L. Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act. George is a Giant of a man, and it was my honor to work alongside him to achieve justice and secure care for a vast community of selfless and courageous Americans.